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Peace From Pressure プレッシャーからの自由

Have you ever felt pressure to do something in order to become better or accepted?



Or pressure to become something your not in order to please other people? I believe these feelings have been felt by all of us at some time in our lives. Especially in our younger days at school when nobody wants to feel left out. So the way to cover up from feeling left-out was to join in whatever everybody else was doing. Pressure is like trying to squeeze yourself in clothes that don’t fit you. Its tight, uncomfortable and you can hardly breathe right. You were never made to feel pressured to do or to be anything because pressure binds you and can cause depression and many other disorders to you mentally.




ます。 仲間はずれは嫌だから何であろうと他の人のグループに入りたい!・・・プ


うなものです。 きつく、着心地が悪い、呼吸がしづらいそんな服。プレッシャーや



Pressure carries a feeling of MUST. Must means a matter of life or death. For example we hear and feel things like, you must wear certain clothes to go to church, you must pray everyday, you must never think a bad thought, you must be nice to everyone in your life at all times or you’re not a good person. Now all these things are not bad things to do, but when you feel a MUST that is where pressure comes in. And no one likes pressure. When you do anything out of pressure, your true heart is not in it. You’ll be only pretending.


The truth is Jesus came to make us free, by taking all the pressure to be righteous upon himself. He did this by living the perfect life we never could live. So now instead of feeling pressured to do something in order to be something, God gives us a new identity in Christ that says, YOU ARE! When God sees you, he sees you through Christ and says you are righteous. You are free from addictions, you are a nice person, You are a good father, You are a good mother. There is no more pressure to become perfect because he becomes your perfection. He took away the MUST and gave you peace from pressure.

真実を言えばイエス様がすべての重圧(プレッシャー)を彼自身がかかえてくれることによって私達を自由の身にしてくれました。私達がこの完璧な人生を歩めるようにしてくださいました。そして今こそは何かをする、何になるかにプレッシャーを感じるのではなく YOU ARE ! あなたにとってあなたのものを と神様が私達に新たなアイデンティティーを与えてくださっています。. 神様があなたを見るとき、キリストを通してあなたにも価値があるとおっしゃっています。 あなたは中毒から解放されており、良き人、良き父親、良き母親です。もう何も完璧を求める必要はありません、神様があなたの代わりとなるからです。彼があなたのマスト!を取り除き、重圧(プレッシャー)からあなたを自由にしてくれているからです。

Psalm 29:11

The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace. 神が人々に力を与え、平和とともに人々を祝福する。

1 Peter 5:7

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.


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