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Know what to do in difficult relationship situations, master forgiveness, become the best partner!

What you will learn?

✅ What true forgiveness looks like

✅ How to respond in a heated argument 

✅ How to detect if someone is deceiving you

✅ What to do when someone doesn’t forgive you

✅ How to react when you’re offended

✅ What do you do when you’re misunderstood

Why is it free?

Because I want you to have the necessary tool in hand ready to help you succeed in your relationships. 


Relationships are challenging. Often times we end up stressed, frustrated, and may even feel like giving up on relationships altogether.


It's part of my life's purpose to help people understand the true meaning of what Love is and how fully understanding it translates to successful relationships, no matter if you’re single, married, a friend, a brother, a sister, a mother, a father or an employee. The love principle works!


I wrote a book called “The reason why I am Black—the Love challenge and it has helped so many people gain a new understanding of what love really is. That’s why I decided to make an additional guide to go along with the Love challenge book at no cost to you! 


Also because the free Love Challenge Guide content is LIFE CHANGING.

About Marcel Jonte'

Teacher, Pastor, Motivational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Musician, Philanthropist

I am happily married to my Japanese wife Chiaki for 6 years. Throughout the years I've been blessed to become an expert communicator with all nationalities and ages of people.  I've spent the last 5 years teaching extensively on relationships and living your purpose.

Together with my wife Chiaki we founded Japan Kingdom Builders, Inc in 2017. As CEO I manage and oversee a Kids English Program, Gospel Music Program, an Event Rental Studio, and our Akiramenai Homeless Rehabilitation Program.

In addition to overseeing those operations, I also pastor our church; Japan Kingdom Church, where every week I get to do what I love which is to inspire people.

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