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Kingdom Garden Community Center

The Kingdom Garden Community Center is a unique community service complex comprising of B1 Level and is owned and managed by Japan Kingdom Builders Inc. The center is located in Akishima City near Haijima Station and Yokota Air Base and features rental space for rehearsals, workshops etc, also various instructional and educational classes.


The word 'kingdom' is inspired by the many different people groups coming together in unity. The word 'Garden' is a symbol of life and creativity, producing many life-giving opportunities for the world. Our logo reflects this vision, as well as our refreshing interior design in sophisticated greenery and cool blues. We can't wait to meet you here!

Workshops & Services

Haijima Adult Gospel Class

For ages 15 and up learn popular gospel songs, breathing exercises and vocal techniques.


1st, 2nd, 3rd, Wednesday • 7:30pm

Lala Kids Chorus

For ages 5-11 years old,

have fun singing and dancing to uptempo gospel music!


1st Saturday • 10:30am~11:30am

Mama Gospel Harmony

Moms take a day off of stress to sing and make new friends! 


1st, 3rd, Monday • 10:30am~11:45am


Café Space

Enjoy our complementary coffee and snacks in the main lobby.

Event Rental Studio

Have band rehearsal or put on a workshop in the main hall.

Dance Studio Rental

Dance studio room complete with mirrors, tables, and chairs for a variety of events.


The Kingdom Garden Community Center is located in Akishima City in west Tokyo. It is approximately at 7-minute drive from Yokota Air Base and a 7-minute walk from the Haijima train station. The center is on the B1 Floor of the apartment building. Please follow a direction video as well as google map to be directed to us!


*Free Parking is available. (Please notify staff to locate parking lot)

Address: 5-23 Matsubarachō (B1), Akishima, Tokyo 196-0003


Direction Video

Free Parking Lot

kingdom garden community center parkig
kindom garden community center parking
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