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Sunday Celebration Service 10:30 am~11:45 am

サンデーゴスペルモーニング • 午前10:30〜午前11:45


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キャロルダイアン Carol Diane

マーセル ジョンテ Marcel Jonte

マーセル ジョンテ Marcel Jonte

マーセル ジョンテ Marcel Jonte

マーセル ジョンテ Marcel Jonte

キャロルダイアン Carol Diane

マーセル ジョンテ Marcel Jonte

キャロルダイアン Carol Diane


マーセル ジョンテ Marcel Jonte

マーセル ジョンテ Marcel Jonte

キャロルダイアン Carol Diane


マーセル ジョンテ Marcel Jonte

We are one family of many nations. A place to receive hope for all kinds of problems, healing for all kinds of pain and help for all people.


Our music is urban contemporary gospel-Christian music with an atmosphere of inspiration. We are a casual dress, down to earth, non-denominational and non-judgmental church. We are a church that makes you feel at home and are passionate to see you reach your full potential God has planned for your life.





Sunday Celebration Service 10:30 am~11:45 am

サンデーゴスペルモーニング • 午前10:30〜午前11:45



Pastor Marcel Jonte &

Lady Chiaki Gadsden


Pastor Marcel Jonte Gadsden was born in Kamp Lintford, Germany and traveled the world through his father's military career and arrived in Japan in July of 1999. Marcel studied for several years under the tutelage of overseeing Bishop, the late Bishop Nathaniel Holcomb of the Christian House of Prayer (CHOP) in Killeen Texas and earned his Pastorate in 2017. He and his wife Chiaki founded Japan Kingdom Church when he was just 29 years old in Fussa city of west Tokyo.


マーセル・ジョンテ・ギャズデン牧師はドイツのカンプ・リントフォルトで生まれ、父親の軍隊という職歴を通して世界を転々とし、1999年7月に日本へ到着しました。マーセルはテキサス州のキリーンにあるクリスチャン・ハウス・オブ・プレイヤー(Christian House of Prayer(CHOP))の故ナサニエル・ホルコム総監督の指導のもとで数年間学び、2017年に牧師職を得ました。彼がわずか29歳の時、西東京の福生市で、彼と彼の妻である千亜紀はジャパン・キングダム・チャーチ(Japan Kingdom Church)を設立しました。





Church In Living Room 2017


Their first service was held in his living room in 2017 by gathering those with no knowledge of Christ from the streets. What started from humble beginnings quickly evolved to a unique community service complex building in Haijima City called Kingdom Garden Community Center in which weekly services are held. In addition, care to the homeless and a myriad of community service programs are also held at Kingdom Garden. Pastor Marcel and Lady Chiaki are continuing to witness many lives impacted and radically changed through the raw demonstrations of the genuine love of God.


Learn more about Pastor Marcel

初めての礼拝は、2016年自宅のリビングルームで、キリストの知識を全く持たれない方々の集まりによって行われたものでした。この小さな始まりは、またたく間に拝島にあるキングダム・ガーデン・コミュニティー・センター(Kingdom Garden Community Center)と呼ばれる様々なコミュニティーを提供する施設に発展しました。そこでは毎週礼拝が行われ、ホームレスの方々へのケアがなされ、また多くのコミュニティーサービスプログラムが行われています。マーセルと千亜紀は真の神の愛を行動で示すことを通して、多くの人々の人生に大きな影響が与えられ、劇的に変えられていることを証し続けています。




Homeless Rehabilitation Program


Kingdom Kids Dance Ministry


Gospel Connection Music School


Zoe Kids
(Morals, English, Leadership & Music) 


Gospel Music Workshops



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  1. Why go to church? なぜ教会に行くのか?

You get encouragement for everyday problems

2. Why did bad things happen IN MY LIFE?

Your life is a life of value and the negative things were trying to steal your true potential


3. Do I have to be a Christian in order to attend church?

The church is for anyone to come and receive encouragement and find purpose. You don't have to be a Christian to attend.


4. If I cannot come every Sunday does it mean Im not a christian?

You are a Christian when you accept Jesus into your life and receiving the Love of God not by going to church. Going to church strengthens your faith.


5. What is the benefit of coming to Church?
  • Build Relationships 相談相手がいる

  • Find Encouragement 励まさせる

  • Listen to great music 直接ゴスペル音楽の雰囲気を味わうことができる

6. Do I have to BE in perfect condition to come to church?

You can come to church discouraged and tired. Its ok to come as you are.


7. Why do people cry at church? Are they sad?

When a person experiences the love of God they feel security, comfort and a sense of belonging, therefore naturally tears follow.


8. Do I have to stop drinking and smoking to come to church?

You don't have to stop drinking and smoking to come to church. In fact as you continue to attend you will notice unwanted habits leaving your life. Guaranteed.

「お酒やタバコなどをやめてから教会に行こう」または、「教会に行くためには、まずはやめてからではないと、、」と心配する必要はありません。 まずはお気軽に教会へお越しください。

9. Do I have to give an offering?

At JKC, guests do not have to give anything. Instead, we desire for you got go home with something impactful from the atmosphere, the message or the songs to help strengthen your life.




Sunday Celebration Service 10:30 am~11:45 am

サンデーゴスペルモーニング • 午前10:30〜午前11:45


Maps 地図

From Yokota Air Base (By Car)

(approx 7 min) Exit Yokota Main Gate (Fussa) gate and turn left on Route 16. Continue down the road straight on the right lane until you see a major intersection. Stay on the right lane and vier  right crossing the Haijima Bridge. Continue straight past 4 light signals. At the 4th light signal turn right and the building is on the left hand side next to a red and beige building. JKC is on the B1 Floor.




Direction Video 駅から案内ビデオ

Free Parking Lot 無料駐車場

​​196-0003 東京都昭島市松原町5-23-5 プライム1ビル 地下1階 /「拝島駅」から徒歩7分

5-23 Matsubarachō (B1), Akishima, Tokyo 196-0003


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